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Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership (or Shared Ownership) is an ideal solution for many buying property on the Costa del Sol, Spain

The dream to own a beautiful holiday home on the Costa del Sol, with its wonderful year round climate is, for most people a substantial financial investment. This may be quite difficult to justify, especially as the property will not be used all year. Most people when purchasing will only be able to use their property for a maximum of two or three months of the year.

The alternative...

For a much smaller investment you will become a part owner in a property of your choice, be it a one bedroom apartment or a magnificent four bedroom villa.

The system works very simply. There are three distinct matrices allocating your usage throughout the year. At the time of purchase, you simply choose the matrix that best suits you and your family's needs.
(This is not timeshare!)

Flexible Living!
One of a choice of apartments on the Costa del Sol available through Fractional Ownership

Each owner will also have the details of the other three owners of the property and as you are all 'shareholders', should you wish to swap your weeks you only have to agree amongst yourselves. As a shareholder you can also sell your investment at any time or rent out the periods when you will not be using it!

Every property is purchased fully furnished to the highest standard, ensuring comfort and luxury during your stay.

A professional management team will take care of the maintenance and administration of your luxury home.

For some, the fractional ownership will be the first step towards a larger investment, after savouring the wonderful climate and atmosphere that only the Costa Del Sol can offer!

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